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Community Life
We believe that Christ calls those who love him to oneness with him and with each other.  In accepting the call to consecrate ourselves to the Lord, we also accept commitment to one another and to a life lived in celibate community with one another as a way to serve God and the church.  Through our shared life in community, we give witness to God's kingdom and compassionate presence here on earth. 
As one of our core values, "community life" calls us to live together in houses of two or more sisters. We see life lived in community as integral to the mission of the congregation.  Sharing life with each other provides us with the human support we need in our service of others in order to make visible the faith and love we profess.  In ministry to one another we create and sustain environments characterized by:
  • trust, reverence, understanding, and support for one another
  • prayer in common
  • openness, forgiveness, and reconciliation
  • mutually shared work and celebration