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Is not life with God amazing!  We never quite know what he has in store for us.  And once we think we have it all figured out, he seems to go and change the plan!  But, his plan is always so much better than we could remotely come up with for ourselves.  I encourage you to "be not afraid" of the plan he has for you but to eagerly embrace it.  For when we embrace God and his plan for us it is then that we find true holiness and happiness.

If there is anything I can do to assist you in your discernment of a religious life call, please contact me by email at srpaulav@gmail,com  or by phone at 309-674-6168.

God's blessings on your discernment,

Sr. Paula Vasquez, O.S.F.
"I have done what is mine to do, may Christ teach you what is yours."
St. Francis of Assisi
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Spiritual Resources
  • "The Art of Discernment" by Stefan Kiechle
  • "Vocations Anonymous" by Sr. Kathleen Bryant, RSC
  • "Discerning the Will of God" by Timothy Gallagher