"In the context of Franciscan simplicity, humility and gospel values, our lives contradict society's stress on individualism, materialism and dominance over others."

What does it mean to be a franciscan?  To be "franciscan" means to follow the way of life of St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis was a man of few words, but great action.  Our franciscan spirituality comes from studying his actions. As he said, "Preach the Gospel always, if necessary use words."  Francis' life was marked by a love for poverty, humility, creation, and simplicity. He had great devotion to the Eucharist, the Holy Church, and the Virgin Mary. His great desire in life was to follow the poor Christ, to imitate Jesus Christ.  

As followers of St. Francis, we too strive to live in poverty, 
humility, and simplicity. We see God in his creation. We 
have a great devotion to the Eucharist, to the Church, and to Mary our mother. 

To read the Rule of St. Francis, click here.

You also may be interested in some spiritual resources to learn more about Franciscan Spirituality. The following books may be helpful:

Francis and Clare:  The Complete Works

Francis:  The journey and the dream 

The Little Flowers of St. Francis

Clare:  A light in the Garden

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